1. Aurand - MP6 Pneumatic 8\" Surface Scaler
  2. Aurand - MP6 Pneumatic 8" Surface Scaler

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    Aurand MP6 is a heavy-duty surface prep tool used for surface preparation, scale and rust removal.  These tools can be used as concrete grinders, paint chippers, deck scalers and paint removers.  Mariners, oil rig workers, US Navy and US Coast Guard have used Aurand products for years and years.

    Optional 48" extension handle is available, part number  79MP.

    Aurand "M" Series tools can be fitted with wire brushes for light scale clean-up applications. Wire Brushes Model #23W.


    Paint, Rust and Scale removal from metal surfaces

    • Ship and barge decks
    • Oil platform surfaces
    • Marine towing equipment
    • Bridge structures
    • Large pipes
    • Tanks and valves
    • Beams and girders

    Paint, Rust and Scale removal from concrete surfaces


    • Basements, patio floors and balconies
    • Parking lot lines
    • Retaining walls
    • Swimming pools
    • Mortar and cement smatterings
    • Garage floor stains
    • Graffiti removal




    • Head: 8" wide
    • Motor: 2.5 HP
    • Power Supply: Air - 42 CFM / 70-100
    • Removal rate (Square feet per hour): 70-100

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