1. Dustless Technologies - HEPA BackPack Vacuum (15505)
  2. Dustless Technologies - HEPA BackPack Vacuum (15505)

    Price:  $565.00


    HEPA Back-pack vacuum. HEPA Pack vacuum uses filter with certified HEPA material to meet EPA RRP requirements for lead paint abatement and removal.

    Choose from two HEPA filter bags. The enclosed-top HEPA bag is for EPA RRP applications involving hazardous material. The open-top bag provides HEPA-level protection for applications like drywall sanding and grinding or cutting of concrete, stone, fiberglass and similar materials.

    Enclosed-top disposable bag is made of certified HEPA filter material to capture particles down to 0.3 micron and comply with EPA RRP regulations. This one-time-use bag features a peel-and-stick flap to seal the contents quickly and easily. This bag achieves the first step in the double-bagging process required by the EPA for RRP work.

    The Agitator Rod fits through this hole in the rubber gasket. The vacuum hose port fits in this hole in the rubber gasket. Clear plastic lid aids in visual inspection to see when the bag is full.

    Open-top disposable bag provides HEPA-level filtration, making it good for drywall, concrete, masonry, fiberglass and other construction materials. The open-top design enables users to empty and re-use the bag.

    Reusable cloth bag provides valuable protection of the Enclosed-top or Open-top bags when they are being removed or installed. The cloth bag can be hand washed and line dried. If the vacuum is used for EPA RRP work, with hazardous materials, be sure to wear protective gloves in the hand-washing process. Do not machine wash.

    Product Features:

    • EPA RRP
    • Certified HEPA
    • Dual filter system
    • Reusable cloth filter
    • Sealed-top disposable HEPA filter bag for EPA RRP & hazardous materials
    • Open-top disposable HEPA filter bag for drywall, concrete, stone & fiberglass
    • Clean filter without opening canister by wiggling the agitator rod (vacuum must be off)
    • Back-friendly harness design
    • Belt-mounted controls
    • Weight: 11 lbs.
    • Capacity: 2.5 gallon
    • 3 year manufacturer warranty

    Product Specifications:

    • Weight: 11 lbs.
    • Capacity: 2.5 gallon
    • 3 year manufacturer warranty
    • Included Accessory: Hepa floor tool, 25' cord, extension rod & crevis tool
    • Included Accessory: 2 filters (1 installed, 1 extra)
    • Motor: Amps: 12.12
    • Motor: Input Watts: 1394.5
    • Motor: Speed: 2485 RPM
    • Air Flow: 124 CFM
    • Air Watts: 83.11
    • Efficientcy: 5.96 %
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