1. Kett Tool Kit #100 (KD-400)
  2. Kett Tool Kit #100 (KD-400)
    [Kit #100]

    Price:  $255.00

    These double-cut shears feed quickly and quietly, without warping or bending your finished piece (distortion is in the waste strip). It easily follows a scribed line. The materials edges are not hardened or burred, so you get maximum use of a sheet. The swiping action of blades seals the edge of coated metals. These shears cut C.R. mild steel up to 18 gauge in straight or contour lines at over 300 inches per minute, most grades of stainless and plastic or Formica up to 3/32" thick. These shears are also available with a contour cutting blade to cut tighter curves and the HS blade for cutting foam filled doors.


    • Head: 60-20
    • Motor: 253-55
    • Carrying case: 251-4

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