1. Kett Tool KSV-434 Vacuum Saw
  2. Kett Tool KSV-434 Vacuum Saw

    Price:   $580.00 $610.00

    Now you can cut heavy 5/8" drywall, fiberglass, plastic sheet and other construction panels and automatically vacuum up the dust as you cut. The Kett Vacuum Panel Saw features a cast aluminum vac saw head to connect to your shop vac or in-plant collection system. It features a spring-loaded blade guard and cuts up to 1-1/16" deep using a 3-1/2" carbide abrasive or high-speed steel saw blade. It also accepts 2-1/2" blades for cutting laminate panels or C.R. mild steel up to 16 gauge. KS-434 has a variable-speed, 2500 RPM, 5 amp electric motor.


    • Head: KSV-34
    • Motor: 253-59
    • Package Includes one 157-800 carbide grit saw blade (3-1/2" diameter)
    • Package Includes one 157-810 blade: 100 teeth, 0.09 TPI, 7/16" bore (3-1/2" diameter)
    • Package Includes one 157-86 blade: 60 teeth, 0.16 TPI, 7/16" bore (3-1/2" diameter)
    • Package Includes one 157-88 blade: 80 teeth, 0.12 TPI, 7/16" bore (3-1/2" diameter)

    More Details:

    Contractors and remodelers who are facing the EPA's new Final Ruling on lead, remodeling, repair and painting can be aided in becoming compliant when using Kett Tool's KSV-434 vacuum saw with a HEPA filtered shop vacuum. The ruling requires that contractors, remodelers, painters, plumbers and other tradesmen be EPA-certified and follow detailed work and safety practices to prevent lead contamination and poisoning.

    The KSV-434, when used in conjunction with a HEPA filtered shop vacuum, works to contain hazardous dust, a key element in the new EPA ruling. Kett’s vac saw’s cast aluminum head easily attaches to most standard shop vacuums using HEPA filters, which can remove up to 99.97 percent of lead particles, some as small as .03 microns. The unique vacuum head captures dust at the cutting zone and moves easily along the cut line. The KSV-434 is ideal for cutting drywall, plywood and plastic panels, fiberglass and C.R. mild steel.

    The EPA Final Ruling is based on a federal agency study to determine what home remodeling, repair and renovation activities create hazardous lead dust, which is particularly harmful to children. The new ruling applies to all paid renovators who work on homes and childcare facilities built prior to 1978. Fines as high as $37,500 per day can apply if EPA rules are not followed.


    Kett's KSV-434 makes plunge cuts into the middle of the material to make accurate cutouts for windows, plumbing and ductwork.

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    Protect your saw with a sturdy steel case: 251-3 Steel Case.


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