1. REMS - Die Heads S Set, 520056

    Price:  $1,064.28


    REMS - Die Heads S Set, 520056. Quick-change die heads S, with 300 mm extension handle. Comes in a sturdy steel case. This tool is ideal for renovation and repair. The quick change die heads S with specially mounted dies, it has additional precise pipe guidance at the cover side to ensure perfect pipe centering and easy start-cutting, extension of ratchet drive REMS eva for threading in caved areas, quick change die heads S fit into the ratchet lever REMS eva and other suitable die stocks.


    NPT 1/2- 3/4-1”: Art.-No. 520056
    Die head S NPT 3/8”: Art.-No. 521226
    Ratchet lever: Art.-No. 522000