1. REMS - Panther ANC VE, 560025

    Price:  $625.00


    REMS - Panther ANC VE, 560025. Universal electric reciprocating saw with Vario-Electronic (VE) for free-hand sawing of steel pipes and other material up to 6”. Complete with one REMS universal saw blade - 5.9". Robust, job site-proven, super small, handy design, only 12.6” long; light-weight, only 5.3 lbs. Used for sawing metal, boilers, tanks, bath tubs, window frames and much more. Has powerful universal motor 110 V, 50–60 Hz, 0.68 HP. Square lift rod prevents deflection of bearing and guarantees a long service life, aggressive orbital action with Vario-Electronic switch, long service life of saw blades and universal saw blade clamp. All saw blades – with universal or with double tang – can be clamped without changing or turning the saw blade thrust piece. Comes in cardboard box. Optional carrying bag REMS - Carrying Bag (574436) available separately.

    Dimension for tool: 17.1”×3.2”×5.3” Weight for tool: 6.6 lb Sound level for tool: All REMS reciprocating saws 96 dB(A) Sound capacity level for tool: All REMS reciprocating saws 107 dB(A) Uncertainty K = 3 dB