1. REMS - Powersaw ANC SR Set, 560026

    Price:  $1,030.00


    REMS - Powersaw ANC SR Set, 560026. Variable-speed operation with 12 setting dial. Electric reciprocating saw for right angle sawing. Saw steel pipes and other material up to 6”. Complete with guide support up to 2” and two REMS special saw blades up to 2”. Easy sawing, rapid, effortless, only 6.6 lbs. Has a unique, patented guide support and special saw blades for right angle cuts. Essential for professional pipe installation, powerful universal motor 110 V, 50–60 Hz, 1.43 HP. The sturdy, square lift rod prevents deflection of bearing and guarantees a long service life. Aggressive orbital action, long service life of saw blades, universal patented saw blade clamp. All saw blades – with universal or with double tang – can be clamped without changing or turning the saw blade thrust piece. Comes in a sturdy steel case.



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