1. Dri-Eaz - Studebaker AirPath (F377)
  2. Dri-Eaz - Studebaker AirPath (F377)

    Price:  $595.00


    Dri-Eaz Studebaker AirPath is designed to dry carpets and hardwood floors. The 1 HP, 2-speed motor offers flexibility and energy savings. Locking casters keep this airmover in place on solid surfaces to dry floors in minutes. With a patented 360° outlet grill design, the AirPath pulls warm, dry air from above and directs it across the entire surface of the floor at once – up to 12 feet in all directions. Simply place in the center of a room and lock in place to dry carpet, tile, vinyl or hard-wood floors faster than ever. Use the AirPath to dry carpets or hard surface floors quickly after cleaning, leaks and spills.  Simply switch on the AirPath to either a high or low setting – then leave it to work while you move onto the next task.


    • Power: 7.5 Amps, 115 VAC
    • Motor: 1 HP, 2-speed
    • Weight: 38 lbs
    • Dimensions: 14.7" x 25.4"
    • Cord Length: 25'
    • Air Flow: 40 MPH