1. REMS - Akku-Nano Pipe Cutter, 844011

    Price:  $725.00


    REMS - Akku-Nano Pipe Cutter, 844011. Mobile, electric pipe cutting machine for fast, right angled cutting without outer burrs. Cuts up to 1-5/8" deep. Handy and light, only weighs 4.6 lbs; strong, torsion-free aluminum structure for right angled cutting, easy cutting of the tubes by specially designed cutter wheel. Battery powered by Li-Ion 10.8 volt, 1.3 Ah battery. Includes rapid charger. Cuts copper tube 7/8" in only 3 seconds. Ideal speed 130 rpm for optimum cutting action. Use for tubes of the press fitting systems made of stainless steel, C-steel, diameter: .5" – 1-1/8". Copper pipe diameter .5" - 1-3/8". Multilayer composite tubes diameter .5" – 1-5/8".

    Use the following cutting wheels: